Managing and controlling operating costs is a critical area of any successful business.

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The machine’s position is determined by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), with data being collected from its Controller Area Network (CANBUS) and GPS referenced. This information streams through a mobile phone network to the Challenger central server, which can then be accessed by users – farmers, managers, contractors, dealers, etc – via any secure internet connection. This can be an office PC, pocket PC (Blackberry, for example) or Smart Phone.

  • Firstly, it identifies where machines are located
  • Then, it reports whether they are working and at what level of efficiency
  • Where a machine has been is also tracked, together with how many hectares it has worked, how long it’s taken, the time spent on re-filling tanks or seed drills and on moving from field-to-field
  • Operating costs can be calculated and apportioned quickly and easily
  • It highlights the competence levels of individual operators
  • It ensures service schedules are followed, so that all warranty conditions are satisfied
  • Machine settings can be monitored and faults identified, often rectifiable remotely using the Electronic Diagnostic Tool (EDT)

AGCOMMAND now provides no fewer than 13 new services within the core telemetry menu, including baler-specific functions for the benefit of hay and forage producers. In addition, a new mobile application allows users to manage their mechanical operations more productively. This valuable facility is available as a free download via the Apple App Store, for both IPhone and IPad.

Challenger AGCOMMAND Telemetry Systems are available in three specification levels, with varying degrees of precision to exactly meet the demands of individual businesses.