Built for larger-scale farmers, these combines offer impressive performance to help maximise harvesting efficiency in a wide range of crops and conditions.



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The renowned PowerFlow header comes standard with the Smartrac™ lateral tilt and height control system to maintain maximum output on sloping or uneven terrain.

With its long knife-to-auger specification and positive belt feed, it maintains perfectly even crop feed at optimum harvesting speeds.

The PowerFlow table can switch smoothly between crops with minimal adjustment so that taller crops can be harvested with ease.

A further performance boost is achievable from the quick-fit of a secondary rape auger and side knives.

Both hydraulics and electrics are disconnected simply by means of a single, one-piece coupler, cutting the time spent moving from field to field.

PowerFlow headers are fitted with the Schumacher system, offering high performance with rugged durability. The ‘under and over’ cutting process gives quality cutting in all conditions.

An optional rape auger can be fitted which increases performance in tall crops.

Folding dividers can be mounted for quick turnarounds and safety. Easily fitted crop lifters can be installed from their own storage position on the table when required.

A choice of rigid auger headers, flexible auger headers and pick-up headers are also available to fit the CH670B combine.

At the core of the CH670B is the heavy-duty Advanced Harvest System (AHS), at 700mm diameter with an overall length of 3.56m.

Hydrostatically driven, the rotor enables a significant boost in operational efficiency to be achieved through its ability to harvest at a constant rotor speed, which means high output and top grain quality are maintained.

The constant speed rotor control system maintains the selected rotor speed even though the crop yield may vary or engine speed change. The rotor can be reversed remotely from the cab to remove any blockage that may occur.

A two-speed rotor drive gearbox provides selection of the optimum speed range to match the harvest conditions.

A 1,800 mm long high capacity reciprocating separator pan efficiently delivers threshed and separated grain to the front of the Max Flow cleaning system. Here, a high volume air flow keeps the cleaning shoe area fully pressurised to ensure total separation of debris from the grain for maximum performance in heavy yield conditions.

Any returns material is simply transported back to the main threshing rotor for reprocessing.

The fan provides just the right amount of air flow to the cleaning shoe for optimum grain-cleaning ability. Controls are adjustable on the C2000 Virtual Terminal which conveniently displays fan speed at a glance, or from the control on the left rear side of the combine.

Two fan speed ranges are available, providing an even slower speed range for light-weight grains.

Wire and vane-type sieves are matched to the specific combine configuration and crop type for excellent grain sample results.

With a grain tank capacity of 10,570 litres, these rotary combines allow more hours harvesting and less time unloading.

The CH670B features the Direct High Volume (DHV) on-the go unloading system which utilises only two direct drive augers within the grain tank. With no direction changes and additional augers, power consumption and grain damage is kept to a minimum.

The speed of unloading has been accelerated by the new DHV system up to an impressive 159 litres per second, meaning a full grain tank can be off the combine and in the trailer in less than 80 seconds.

An auger 7.4 metres long, giving a discharge height of 4.34 metres means trouble-free unloading, away from wide tables and trailer sides.

A straightforward but highly effective heavy-duty drive powers the DHV unloading system, engaged by means of a hydraulic ram tensioner to ensure smooth operation.

The AGCO POWER 8.4 CTA engine features 4 valves per cylinder for increased air circulation and a central fuel injector for optimised fuel to air mixing within the combustion chamber. A Bosch common rail fuel injection system is electronically controlled for faster load response and excellent fuel economy.

A power boost of 30hp* is available to ensure fast unloading on-the-go without compromising harvesting capacity or output.

A hydrostatically driven rotary air intake screen provides a large unobstructed flow of clean air to the engine cooling system and engine air intake. This rotary screen is hinged for easy opening and the cooling packages are supported on gas struts for excellent access to those important cooling radiators.

The CH670B combine has the largest cab available on a combine harvester, providing enhanced visibility through tinted glass.

Automatic climate control, the most leg room of any combine cab, air-suspended seat, ergonomic controls and state-of-the-art electronics gives the operator the ultimate harvest experience.

The high-intensity field lighting package provides the furthest reach you can get. A grain bin light, automatic unloading auger light and automatic back-up lights add to even better night-time visibility.

Harvesting and system settings can all be adjusted from one central location, thanks to the technology in the easy-to-use C2000 Virtual Terminal – providing a significant boost to operator productivity.

Rotor speed, concave, cleaning fan and sieves can all be adjusted on the move from the in-cab C2000 Virtual Terminal. The sieves can also be adjusted from ground level.

The colour touch screen display is simple to navigate and easy to read. A video camera input allows two on-board cameras to be viewed through the console screen, enabling the operator to see behind the combine.