For high output and superior bales, in all common bale sizes, challenger’s large square balers are first-rate.


Model Bale size (W x H) Plunger speed Pickup working width
LB33B 800 x 880 mm 47 strokes/min. 2260 mm
LB34B 1200 x 800 mm 47 strokes/min. 2260 mm
LB44B 1200 x 1280 mm 33 strokes/min. 2200 mm
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The Large Square Baler range’s pick-up flotation system adds to its terrain-following capability, for excellent ground clearance during baling and transportation.

Four ‘quad’ augers for the non-cutter baler provide improved pick-up capacity in all crop conditions.

Cutter balers have a full-width top auger for a smoother crop feed and a solid, fully floating wind guard is standard on all models, promoting better control of the crop at all times.

From the pick-up, the packers feed the crop into the pre-compression chamber to form the perfect flake. Once full, the stuffer feeds the flake into the bale chamber.

Even density silage bales retain their optimum nutritional value, while hay and straw bales are consistently solid and square for efficient transport and storage.

Reliability and durability is enhanced by the extensive use of sealed bearings, low component numbers and simple design.

The unrivalled double-knotter system aims to provide perfect bale quality and protection. The knotters are chain-driven directly from the main gearbox, enabling plunger, knotters and needles to be synchronised precisely.

This system is further enhanced by the knotter blower which maintains a constant flow of air, clearing any debris entering the knotter area. The design uses a full width, hydraulically driven turbine fan to ensure superior, efficient air flow.

The bale length star-wheel floats with the top chamber door, ensuring that the star-wheel gets firm traction in all crop conditions for improved bale length accuracy.

The simple-to-use C1000 Baler Monitor, gives the operator fingertip control over each stage of the baling operation. Acknowledged as the best monitor in the field, the console can be customised to display precisely the information that’s required.

The control system works in conjunction with the hydraulic density system to ensure that every bale is the same density, regardless of swath size and forward speed, and automatically diagnoses faults.

The high quality, easy-to-read, full colour screen is fully video compatible and can easily be linked up to a camera mounted at the rear of the baler.

Models come with a choice of single or tandem axle and either hydraulic or optional pneumatically actuated brakes.

The single axle is rated at 40 kph and suits many customers’ needs.

Alternatively, the high-specification tandem axle is rated to 60 kph (where local legislation allows) to allow very high speed and safe road movements between fields. It features self-steering rear wheels to ensure no tyre scrubbing when turning tightly.

For operating convenience, the steering axle can be hydraulically locked in the mid position for reversing, transport and when operating on steep side hills.

In-field operation is considerably smoother and the baler can safely operate at higher working speeds without causing undue stress and loads on the baler when hard and uneven ground conditions are encountered.

For high quality silage or chopped straw, all Challenger Large Square Balers can be factory fitted with a heavy-duty cutter unit.

This unit chops the crop to your required length and the packer tines take the crop and fill the pre-compression chamber. By retaining the packer tines, the all-important quality of the flakes is not compromised.

The LB33B has a cutter with 11 knives, whilst the LB34B and LB44B have 19 knives. Three preset chop lengths can easily be selected using a simple selection rod and offer average chop lengths of 48, 96 or 192 mm.