The economic WR9740 windrower helps you produce high quality hay faster, more efficiently and with greater precision.



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The WR9740 is equipped with an AGCO POWER Tier 4i engine with e3 technology, which is a cleaner, more productive and economic engine that deliver precise power and performance.

The lengthy 250 hour service interval of these engines keeps them working for longer and saves on maintenance costs.

The deluxe cab on the WR9740 offers superior comfort, therefore reducing operator fatigue. The cab contains extra sound deadening material as well as a thicker floor mat and headliner, to create a quiet working environment.

The integrated steering column provides a high range of steering wheel placement adjustments.

The optional semi-active Air Ride seat reacts to changes in field conditions for improved ride and reduced bounce. Seat cushions have been specifically designed for the windrower as they heavily padded on the sides to help keep the operator in their seat.

The WR9740 cab features a colour ISOBUS monitor coupled with CAN BUS controllers to operate all primary windrower functions. All the important functions are controlled from this easy-to-read screen, providing access to information such as fuel economy, performance, header flotation settings and even diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The WR9740 offers a new generation of efficient, electronically controlled hydraulic drives, with greater power delivery to ground and header drive systems for increased performance and higher productivity.

This windrower incorporates the latest version of tandem mounted hydraulic pumps which are electronically controlled for precision accuracy.

The high speed drive option features bent axis variable displacement wheel drive motors giving both the pump and motor variable displacement for increased torque to drive motors during field operation.

Electro-Hydraulic Steering

For improved handling and fast transport speeds the WR9740 is equipped with electro-hydraulic steering.

Hydraulic pump displacement is controlled electronically, making the windrower easier to drive and capable of faster operating speeds without compromising steering control and stability.

Adjustable Steering

The windrower force needed to move the steering wheel is lower and adjustable, helping to reduce operator fatigue. The operator can select the resistance and sensitivity of the steering wheel, allowing for customisation to suit each operator’s driving preference.

System 150 Precision AutoSteering™

All windrowers are pre-wired to take the Topcon Precision150 AutoSteering system, with no additional steering wheel required to mount the autosteering system.

An electronic signal from the System 150 is sent to the windrower’s steering controller under the fuel tank. The signal is converted into a steering signal that operates the drive pumps. There are no mechanical linkages involved so the response time is drastically reduced, for a high degree of steering accuracy.

The suspended rear axle on the WR9740 is composed of a solid, oscillating rear axle beam which is attached to the frame by parallel link arms on both sides, with a lateral support arm underneath. Two gas shocks and a central spring provide the suspension. This system is strong enough to handle pivot tracks and irrigation borders without compromising structural integrity. No adjustments are required, so maintenance and costs are minimised.

Machine bounce is also reduced on rough terrain, helping to increase operator comfort and increase field speeds.