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CH652C Features /


The cab on the CH652C combine has a large panoramic window to maximise space and visibility. Two large electrically adjustable exterior mirrors also provide excellent visibility to the rear.

Air-conditioning and heating come as standard, as does a high-specification air suspension seat for superior comfort.

All key performance operations are centrally managed via the easy-to-use Techtouch terminal. The colour display is integrated into the armrest and provides the operator with all the information they need at a moment’s notice. To maintain visibility, the console and terminal move with the seat.

All key controls are conveniently at hand to the right of the operator, including the ergonomic PowerGrip multi-function lever.

At a glance, the cab offers;

• PowerGrip multi-function lever with pulse movement
• Techtouch terminal
• Fully automatic air conditioning including heating
• High spec air suspension seat
• Electrically adjustable heated mirrors
• Instructor seat with cooler and storage box
• Excellent sound insulation including special sound absorbing glass means you work in quiet comfort
• New two part mirrors for selected visibility
• New safe and easy to use cab steps!
• H9 working lights for daytime during night time

The CH652C combine can be equipped with either a FreeFlow or PowerFlow table, both of which enable optimum crop feed.


The FreeFlow table is available in working widths from 4.80 m to 7.60 m. Designed for harvesting a wide variety of crops, the rugged FreeFlow table consists of a welded frame to which bolt-on panels are mounted. If required, these maintenance-friendly panels can be easily replaced.

A high-speed cutterbar with 1,254 cuts per minute, ensures a clean cut. The crop is then fed into a large 610mm diameter table auger with feathering fingers along its length to ensure even distribution of the crop as it is fed into the main crop elevator.

All table and reel adjustments are made using the PowerGrip multi-function control lever in the cab.


The PowerFlow table solves the problem of difficult-to-harvest crops such as peas, rape and rye and laid wheat and barley.

A continuous belt feed gathers crop, reduces losses and presents an even head first crop flow. Tests have shown that output can be increased by up to 73% in difficult conditions with PowerFlow.

A high-capacity rape auger is optional to provide extra output in tall crops.

Table widths available from 5.5m–6.8m.

A robust, high-inertia 600mm diameter cylinder and a heavy-duty concave guarantees perfect threshing results in the majority of crops, even under difficult harvesting conditions.

The concave has independent adjustment of the front and rear settings, giving the operator more control over threshing performance.

When not required, the Multi Crop Separator plus can be disabled by rotating its concave up over the top of the separator drum. This in turn provides the operator with more flexibility to optimise the grain sample and combine performance in dry conditions.

Closed bottom-design straw walkers feature four steps and are equipped with punched grid 'active walls' to give extra open surface area for more efficient separation.

A full width electrically-adjustable fan provides clean air to the electrically-adjustable high performance sieves, further ensuring an excellent grain sample.

Straw choppers feature serrated knives to give a clean chop and reduce the power requirement. For residue handling, options of electrical deflectors and chaff spreader are available.

A fully-adjustable shearbar, stationary knives and straw chopper hood ensure complete control over the quality and spread of the chopped straw.

The CH652C combines are powered by the latest generation Stage IIIB AGCO POWER engines with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst). These electronically controlled engines deliver the power needed for consistent and efficient harvesting in all conditions.

The benefit is approximately 10% less fuel consumption compared to previous versions plus the confidence that the engines are working as environmentally-friendly as possible within the regulations. As with other similar systems, these SCR engines require the use of AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which is placed in a separate 80 litre tank next to the main fuel tank.

The centralised cooling system is easily accessed for maintenance. Filling levels for the cooling and hydraulic systems can be seen externally and the large side panels of the combine can be lifted for access to both sides of the combines.

Together with the Powerfeed roller, the Powerflow table provides excellent crop feed and head-first feeding, thus ensuring optimum performance.

These combines are available with 5.4 m (18ft), 6.10 m (20ft) or 6.60 m (22ft).

A separate pump mounted in the engine bay, drives the hydraulic reel and ensures an even flow to the reel separate from all other hydraulic functions.