This combine meets the demands of medium-sized arable areas by being cost-effective, high performing and simple to operate so you can harvest in comfort.


Model Power hp/kW* Grain tank capacity (litres) Total Separation
CH644 209/154 6500 5 Walkers / 6.72m²
* ISO 14396 | Check with your local dealer for availability in your market



  • CH644
  • CH644

CH644 Features /


The large 600mm cylinder and Active Beater Concave (ABC) provide maximum threshing performance with clean grain and less breakage.

Eight counter-rotating rasp bars guarantee effective crop separation during the threshing process.

On the unique main concave, the front section has narrower spacing between the wires for increased threshing capacity while the back section has half the number, to increase separation and reduce the work required by the straw-walkers.

The ABC module provides additional concave wrap. Straw is fed directly and very uniformly onto the straw walker which further optimises its separation performance.

The top unloading system and fast unloading rate (85l/sec) on the CH644 combines enables trouble-free loading, even of very high trailers.

Operators have a clear view behind through a large glass rear window, allowing them to see into the grain tank for a quick and easy check of the sample quality. The grain tank also has an opening for taking samples.

The straw chopper’s spread width can be set with the optional electrically adjustable deflector plates. Drivers can quickly and easily adjust the spread width to suit the conditions.