Challenger’s RB452 round baler meets your baling requirements by working with your 30+ hp tractor. Bigger bales at an economical price.



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RB452 ROUND BALERS Features /


Simply designed to produce consistently solid bales the RB452 operates on low tractor horsepower requirements.

The open throat design allows hay from the windrow to flow over the pickup and stuffer fingers, into the vertical bale chamber without restriction.

Variable chamber balers work by “varying” the chamber size as the bale size increases. No floor rollers are used with this feed system, as floor rollers can wrap in certain conditions or cause problems with dry hay.

This round baler uses dual tensioning arms to efficiently make bales.

A spring initially controls the single tension arm and is in effect when the bale core is started. As the bale grows, the hydraulic density system takes over keeping consistent pressure on both the bale and belts. The density system is balanced with a hydraulic cylinder and spring on each side of the baler.

The RB452’s declutcher rod disengages the pickup drive when the maximum bale size has been reached. This prevents any more crop from entering the bale chamber and forces the bale forming belts from contacting each other.

A main drive slip clutch protects the bale chambers.

This baler features a single twine arm with dual tubes, applying twice as much twine as single tube systems, therefore cutting bale tie times in half.

A single arm is less complicated and has fewer moving parts than a dual arm system. Electric tie is standard on the RB452, whereas Auto-Tie is an option.

The Auto-Tie has three modes:

1. Automatic: The twine tie will automatically start after the “Bale Full” alert sounds.
2. Semi-Automatic: The alert signals when the bale reaches a preset size. The operator then controls when twine application starts by activating the “Cycle Start” switch.
3. Manual: The toggle switch is used to extend or retract the twine actuator.

The Sure-Trac Crowned Drive Roller has a crowned drive surface resulting in longer belt life and less maintenance. The crowns on the drive roller help keep the belts centered in the proper position and the texture of the roller ensures that the belts stay turning even in adverse conditions.