9000 Air Seeding System

Air Seeders High Capacity

Purpose-built partners for two ranges are available in several configurations to suit the scale and type of individual farming operations.

9000 Air Seeding System

9700 Air Till Drill

The CH Air Till Drill offers one pass seeding and exceptional small grain yield potential. With ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertilizer placement options, increased yields are possible
that other seeding systems just cannot match.

The resulting Plant response results in a stronger stem, superior roots and maximum yields. Depending on the choice of seed openers, fertilizer can be placed with the seed in a seed and fertilizer ribbon, or can be placed in the seed ribbon and below or to the side of the seed. This system offers the most flexibility in fertilizer placement. The other key to uniform emergence in small grains is proper seed bed packing.

The CH Air Till Drill weighs significantly more than competitive drills and combined with its wide packing wheels, ensures the best chance for seed-to-soil contact. The packing wheels are mounted on walking tandems so running over stones, clods, or ridges, the packing ability is not hindered.

Top Features:

  • High speed air till drill seeding available in working widths 12-18m.
  • Industry EXCLUSIVE ‘Ribbon’ seeding planting technology
  • Walking beams with pneumatic packer tyres
  • Superior ‘seed to soil’ contact
  • Optional disc levellers
  • Wide row spacing at 25.40cm
  • Edge – On release shanks – 295kg
  • Recommended with challenger 9900 series Air Carts
  • Single pass system
Model Working
width (m)
width (mm)
No of
openers (mm)
Opener spacing (inches) Est hp*
CH9730-4010 12.00 6.40 48 10 360-430
CH9750-5010 15.00 6.40 60 15 450-480
CH9750-5015 15.00 6.40 40 15 450-480
CH9750-6010 18.00 6.40 72 10 540-580
CH9750-6015 18.00 6.40 48 15 540-580


9800 Single Disc Drills

The all-new CH9800 Series Single-Disc Air Drill. Is simply the most universal seeding tool available. The SF9800 Series Single-Disc Air Drill is designed to seed into the entire range of soil conditions from no-till with heavy residue to soft fluffy conventional till without requiring adjustments to the openers. Designed with fewer moving parts to minimize maintenance, with minimal down time, and engineered for easy operation with simplified seed-depth control, these innovative air seeders are available in 30-, 40-, and 50 foot widths. Designed to fit into any size farming, with high speed seeding under all types of seeding conditions with unique single disc opener technology. For tractors ranging from 210 – 540 hp.

Top Features:

  • 3 and 5 section frames
  • Heavy duty with low maintenance
  • Walking beam axles
  • Hydraulic down pressure system
  • Easy frame levelling adjustment
  • Skewed tyre packing system
  • Mid row bander fertiliser options
  • 4547mm opener blades
  • High strength all welded 3 and 5 section frames.
  • Paired row spacing 15-23cm
  • Re-phase lift system
  • Skewed packing system
  • Large diameter 4547mm opener blades.
Model Working
width (m)
No of
tool bars
No of
openers (mm)
Mid row bander options Est HP*
CH 9830 -30 9.10 12 48 Yes 210-270
CH 9840 -40FH 12.20 16 64 No 280-360
CH 9850 -40HLA 12.20 16 64 Yes 280-360
CH 9850 -50 15.20 20 80 Yes 350-450
CH 9850 -60 18.30 24 96 Yes 420-540



The Challenger 9830NT Single-Disc Air Drill is the most versatile seeder that you will ever own. Designed to seed across the entire spectrum of soil conditions ranging from No-Till with heavy residue to Conventional seedbeds, the CH9830NT will reliably seed a wide range of crops year after year with superb crop establishment.

With fewer moving parts, maintenance downtime on the CH9830NT is minimal and it is has been engineered for easy operation with simplified seed-depth control.

Alongside its field-proven single row, single CH9000 disc opener system, the Challenger 9830NT features the unique AgControlTM system which provides dedicated seed/fertiliser rate control by section ensuring the precision high speed seeding performance and product rate control, that today’s farmers are asking for. Universal, reliable, flexible drill for all seasons.

Impressive capacity is guaranteed by the large 6200 litre integrated hopper system consisting of two commodity chambers divided in a 60/40 split. Seed is accurately metered through a stainless steel bodied venturi type metering system which provides a dedicated metering flute for each row.

ISO Task Controllers and electric meter drives provide a responsive material rate change with three section zone control and seed rate turn compensation.

Simple calibration with Challenger tools stored on the seeder means easy, quick changes between crops and fertilisers, while wireless blockage monitoring and straightforward construction minimise downtime.

Productivity is enhanced further by the CH9830NT’s 9.14m working width which folds to just 3.5m for easy road transport without the need for trailers.

Model Working
width (m)
No of
openers (mm)
spacing (mm)
width (m)
Est HP*
CH9830-30NT 9.10 48 150-230 3.5 210-270


9900 Air Carts

Built to the highest Challenger standards, the 9900 Series is made up of four models with capacities of up to 18,500 litres. This allows producers to select the ideal machine to match the seeding needs of their farming operation, large or small.

Manufactured of stainless steel to prevent corrosion deterioration from granular fertilizer, the 9900 Series commodity tanks are available in three configurations, depending on the capacity.

The blower system of the 9900 Series air carts is hydraulically driven and provides a strong, consistent airstream that gently delivers seed and/or fertilizer to the  openers. Seed and fertilizer compartments always remain under positive pressure during operation to ensure accurate product flow to the meter system.

An ISOBUS control module allows the entire system to be monitored and controlled from the tractor cab.

Large capacity grain/fertiliser commodity handling for both air drills with three models to choose from, providing ultimate versatility and productivity.

Top Features:

  • Choice of three models
  • ISOBUS compliant
  • Large capacity stainless steel tanks
  • Versatile load/unload large diameter auger
  • Safety features include a wall rail and non-slip platform
  • Ground or variable rate drives
  • Choice of metering rolls
  • Suitable for other applications, i.e. planting, striping, etc.
  • Stainless steel high capacity hopper construction.
Model No. Sections Capacity (l) Air stream (mm)
CH9920-280 2 9866 100
CH9920-335 2 11805 150
CH 9920-380 3 13390 150
CH9930-525 3 18500 150


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