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Challenger RoGator 600C capable of spraying at 30km/hr

20/02/2015 Challenger RoGator 600C capable of spraying at 30km/hr

High-speed spraying is becoming increasing popular in Europe and especially in France where operators are looking to spray at speeds of up to 30km/hr. Building on the history and success of the SpraCoupe, the 2015 version of Challenger’s RoGator 600C is easily capable of meeting these speed requirements.

On display for the first time at the 2015 French SIMA Show, the 30km/hr maximum field speed of the RoGator 600C is 43% faster than the previous 21km/hr. To achieve this extra speed the trio of 600C models are fitted with heavier duty and more powerful wheel motors with increased torque. Depending on model this results in a 10-15% better pulling power over 2014 models.

The centre frame has been redesigned with less parts and pivot points for improved boom stability, while the remainder of the pivot points have been reinforced and bolts have been replaced with hinge pins to improve the reliability.

The bottom of the machine is now of a smoother design to reduce crop damage at these faster speeds, which will be particularly useful in OSR. Travelling at faster speeds requires greater nozzle opening to allow higher volumes of liquid to travel through the sprayer to ensure the same application rate e.g. 150l/ha at 30km/hr to 150l/ha at 20km/hr requires the pumping of an extra 43% more liquid.

Dual Nozzle Shut Off is the name of a new technique designed to do just this. The system utilises two small nozzles, which combined have the same output as one large one. The system provides the possibility to engage both nozzles when the operator wants to drive at speeds that are outside the normal range of the first nozzle.

Designed, built and tested in Europe for European conditions, the 600C features new plumbing for the clean water tank connection to reduce the loading time of the clean water tank by as much as 50%. Resulting in quicker filling times and decreased cycle times for more productivity.

“We are raising the bar on productivity and doing more in less time with the RoGator 600C,” says senior product specialist sprayers Jim Ubaghs. “These latest models will appeal to current SpraCoupe owners looking to upgrade.”

In the engine department, the six-cylinder AGCO Power engine in the RG 645C (224hp) and RG 655C (242hp) already meets Stage IV (Tier 4f). The four-cylinder 4.9-litre AGCO Power engine in the RG 635C (175hp) now also meets Stage IV (Tier 4f) requirements. Meeting the emissions standards in the four-cylinder power pack has been achieved in the same way as the six-cylinder models, by only adding AdBlue and there is no EGR.

Other 600C updates include an Automatic Reversing Camera, which can be programmed to automatically display in the C1000 as soon as the RoGator drives in reverse. This automatic function can be switched on or off, and it is it is possible to update the software of existing machines. Finally, there is a new Bluetooth radio, with USB, MP3, external microphone and hands-free functionality.

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