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Strip-till on trial in Bashkortostan

07/07/2014 Strip-till on trial in Bashkortostan

Challenger strip-till technology is being piloted at the 16,000 ha Krasnaya Bashkiria farm in Bashkortostan.

“Owner Rail Fakhrislamov is a big fan of AGCO equipment and a real forward-thinker,” says Ildar Uralov, AGCO Regional Sales Manager. “He runs a fleet of our Challenger tractors, combines, sprayers, seeders and windrowers plus MF tractors and balers. He is a pioneer of no-till farming in the region and is not afraid to try something new. His fellow farmers hold him in great respect and often follow where he leads.”

“We are therefore extremely fortunate to have his assistance in trialling our Challenger 7600 strip-till tool bar which is expected to prove a real boon to his cropping regime.”

Strip-till is a conservation system which uses minimum tillage. It combines the soil drying and warming effects of conventional tillage (such as ploughing) with the soil–protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of soil that contains the seed row.

“Rail’s goal is to work out a regime which allows sustainable growth in a risky climate zone,” continues Ildar. “The big issue is moisture. The region experiences very low rainfall (200mm per annum - most of which falls as winter snow) and a hot dry, windy summer. With no-till techniques in this climate, seeding has to be carried out up to two weeks later. This results in a later harvest when the ripening crops can be subject to unfavourable rainfall. Rail believes that the solution is to do autumn strip-tilling which will capture melted snow in the spring, warm up the strips for early planting, catch a favourable growing period and allow harvest before it rains.”

“The expected yield benefit is +15% and we are looking forward to seeing the outcome,” Ildar adds.


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