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Challenger planter precision on show in Ukraine

07/07/2014 Challenger planter precision on show in Ukraine

Kirovograd oblast on the flat open plains of Central Ukraine was the latest venue for the mighty Challenger 24-row planter to show its paces.

This machine is perfect for the massive farms and terrain in this region where it’s crucial to cover the hectares as quickly as possible – really big tools are needed to meet the planting window,” says Sergiy Lukyanets, Challenger Product Specialist, Seeding and Tillage. “With its 24 rows, the Challenger 9824 plus on-board Aulari 3002 fertiliser system devoured the ground, planting at a very fast 11 km/h.”

Organised by Challenger distributor, Zeppelin Ukraine, the demo took place on a 2000 ha farm in the village of Novy Starodub which specialises in maize production. “We planted at a rate of 70,000 seeds per ha in sunny, windy weather and demanding soil conditions just a couple of days after herbicide was applied,” Sergiy continues. “Apart from the planter’s impressive performance where it showed off its fast, accurate, high-quality planting, the addition of the ‘pop-up’ fertiliser system also got spectators talking. Very few planters sold in Ukraine have this option. We had positive feedback on the complete planter/fertiliser rig from potential customers and are optimistic about translating this into sales for next season.”

Accuracy, precision and uniformity of seed placement are hallmarks of the Challenger 9824 24-row planter. This rugged machine is capable of handling multiple tillage practices from Conventional through to the latest Conservation techniques. Featuring a forward folding frame, transport width is a narrow 3.6m.

Unequalled planting accuracy and gentle seed handling is achieved through the proven Positive Air Metering – PAM™ - system. Unlike vacuum systems, low-pressure positive air enters the seed unit and each seed is held gently in its cell. This means the seed is not damaged by any impact forces and any chemical dressings are kept safely in place before reaching the ground. Also unique is the ‘Edge Drop’™ seed control technology which ensures a consistent movement of the seed from the meter to the seed trench. This leads to regular, even plant spacing for optimum results.

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