RoGator 600B


Designed, developed and engineered to the highest standards, making it the top choice for large-scale farmers and contractors.

RoGator 600B

Model Engine Max. power* Tank size
RG635B AGCO POWER 4.9 ltr, 4-cyl 175 hp 3800 litres
RG645B AGCO POWER 7.4 ltr, 6-cyl 224 hp** 3800 / 5000 litres
RG655B AGCO POWER 7.4 ltr, 6-cyl 242 hp 3800 / 5000 / 6000 litres
*@ 2200 rpm ISO14396 | **@ 1950 rpm ISO14396



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RoGator 600B Features /


Unique hydraulic working height control for unrivalled stability and crop clearance

Hydraulic track-width adjustment

Fully independent suspension on each wheel, designed specifically for the RoGator 600 sprayers

Purpose-designed, low level, tanks with capacities from 3,500 litres to 6,000 litres, sculpted to optimise weight distribution

Fully hydrostatic transmission with traction control and Power Management for most efficient fuel consumption, combined with latest intelligent controller to provide CVT-like operation and driveability

Unique, single beam chassis design for optimum weight distribution, maximum manoeuvrability and ideal location of important components

Radical new boom suspension and control system, with perfect height adjustment for unrivalled stability

Innovative, compact ‘plumbing module’ featuring fixed pipe work and few flexible hoses cuts the risk of leaks and reduces maintenance.

High capacity centrifugal pump lifts performance with auto-priming for fast filling

Deluxe tractor specification, spacious cab offering ultimate comfort, visibility and control

New highest capacity chemical induction unit and ergonomically-designed electrically-controlled filling station

The RG600B Series’ plumbing system has been completely re-designed to achieve faster, more effective, problem free spraying, with a wide range of application rates.

Spray mix moves around the system through the large, consistent-diameter pipework, and the number of hose connections has been kept to a minimum.

The self-priming centrifugal pump has a filling capacity of almost 800 litres/minute. The spraying system is flow-controlled for greater accuracy.

The electronically-controlled filling station is easily accessed and is operated using touch-pad indicator buttons and a display screen. Automatic filling modes can be monitored on the electronic volume indicator, which can be viewed both in the cab and at the filling station.

The new tank design on the RG600B Series ensure even weight distribution and a smooth, obstruction-free lining for high-speed. The durable design minimises the risk of contamination or residue and facilitates fast mixing for homogenous product applications.

An easy-access filling station, with high-volume and capacity (60 litre) chemical induction unit makes getting product into the tank easier than ever.

An electronic control panel ensures operator and environmental safety and can be folded in and out by means of a gas spring cylinder.

A top-of-the-range Pinnacle View applicator cab, provides supreme operator comfort and all-round visibility, with fingertip control of all ergonomically placed machine functions.

A special three-step active carbon filtration system keeps cab air clean and fresh. The RG600B is the only sprayer on the market with Category 4 approved cab from CE directive EN-15695-1 and EN-15965-2.

The TMC Tractor Management Centre display C1000, shows the chassis functions data, with both analogue and digital dials for more basic information.

Alongside the TMC is the Sprayer Controller Display terminal, allowing the operator to monitor vital sprayer working information.

The advanced design of the RoGator 600 Series’ spray booms helps to improve the quality of work, reduce costs and increase the range of applications.

Features include large 25 mm spraylines with boom feeding on 8 points, recirculation functionality and cab-controlled pneumatic nozzle bodies.
Boom stability has been enhanced with the development of a new 3D construction design, enabling the boom to be stabilised through five axes.

Innovative symmetrical and asymmetrical suspension eliminates vertical and horizontal movements to give the new RG600 Series optimal boom stability. The new central boom frame and boom suspension provides industry- leading boom stability for extremely accurate spraying.

Lightweight and of immensely strong construction, the boom incorporates a breakaway facility and independent left and right tilt.

The RG600B Series is powered by rugged, hydrostatically-driven wheel motors, specifically developed for agricultural applications. Continuously variable, with no ranges, they are capable of maximum travel speeds of up to 40 km/h at a reduced engine rpm of 1750. Up to 50km/h is an option on the RG655B, depending on local road regulations.

These sprayers are also equipped with a traction control system through individually-driven variable wheel motors. An integrated Electronic Stability Program (ESP) function ensures maximum safety and stability of the machine at transport speeds.

Powerful wet disc brakes perform superbly in combination with the intelligent, dynamic brake management system, to optimise the relationship between mechanical and hydrostatic stopping power on the brake pedal to prevent engine rpm overload.

Power Management ensures that the optimum engine rpm is matched precisely to the desired travelling speed to maintain maximum traction on each individual wheel.

The versatile Opti-Ride™ double wishbone suspension gives the operator the ability to set the machine height from the cab at 75 cm or 120 cm, for variable crop clearance.

Innovative engineering enables working height to be varied without affecting track width, while exceptional spraying speeds of up to 20 km/h can be achieved.

The Hydro-pneumatically controlled wheel suspension acts to eliminate all but the most severe lateral and vertical vehicle movements before they reach the boom. It also provides the operator with a superbly smooth, safe ride, with no loss of traction. The sheer strength and design quality of the suspension minimises the stress forces on the chassis and other key components.

The maintenance-free Opti-Track™ system allows the operator to vary track width from 1.8 m up to 2.25 m without having to leave the cab, providing precise adjustment from crop to crop.

The RoGator is capable of turning in incredibly tight corners and headlands, thanks to a steering angle of 35° on all four wheels.

The machine can be steered in four-wheel or two-wheel modes. Larger diameter wheels and wider tyres can be fitted without compromising the steering angle.

The outer turning radius when four-wheel steer is engaged is just 4.73 m, with the inner wheel turning radius a mere 3.14 m. Steering modes are selected using ergonomically-positioned buttons in the armrest and when switching from four-wheel or two-wheel steer, the rear wheels are automatically fixed in the straight position.