Redefining brains and brawn

When you need the ultimate articulated 4-wheel drive machine to tackle vast acreage and pull large seeding and tillage implements, the only machine you want is the MT900E. With new enhancements you’ll experience an enhanced work environment that allows you to be more productive.


Model Engine Rated Engine Power*(hp/kW) Max.Power** (hp/kW)
MT945E AGCO POWER™ 457/336 492/362
MT955E AGCO POWER™ 496/365 536/394
MT965E AGCO POWER™ 548/403 592/435
MT975E AGCO POWER™ 598/440 646/475
*Measure @ 1,800rpm to ECER24 standards | **Manufacturer's estimate | Check with your local dealer for availability in your market



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MT900E LRC Features /


At the heart of the TMC control system, the new TMC Display is now fully ISOBUS compatible, eliminating the need for additional implement control boxes in the cab and leaving the operator just one operating procedure to learn.

Every conceivable tractor function is monitored, controlled and set on this one screen.

Automatically controls engine speed and transmission functions to achieve maximum productivity and economy. The operator can now also select two pre-set engine speeds, providing consistent speeds for work mode tasks and other manoeuvres, such as turning.

Both completely new seat options are guaranteed to ease long working days. The standard version is a 10-way adjustable seat with passive air suspension, lumbar support, exchangeable cushions, swivel and sculptured backrest to sustain comfort when turning in the seat.

The deluxe Vibration Reduction System (VRS) seat has a computer controlled electro-magnetic system that reacts to terrain inputs to smooth the ride.

Superb cab environment

Making the most of weather windows can often mean long days and nights behind the wheel. The standard cab specification on the MT900E, together with the host of optional features, go to create the most relaxing, comfortable and easy-to-use workplace around.

With more than 3m³ of space, outstanding all-round visibility and everything at the operator’s fingertips, the new MT900E cab takes quality and design to new levels and will represent the benchmark for some time to come.

The driver’s seat swivels through a full 25° which, in combination with the forward-positioned rear ROPS posts and curved rear glass, removes much of the strain of monitoring trailed implements. A comfortable instructor seat is standard, as is the parallel sweep front screen wiper.

Other standard features include a decelerator control pedal, enabling better control of engine speed, back-lit switches for easier night working and up to six hydraulic levers positioned in a row for simplicity of operation.

A new hydraulics system allows the operator to select a hydraulic function that may be more crucial than the others and maintain the full flow demand of that function, while flow to the remaining functions is reduced.

Larger implements with greater hydraulic demand are easily catered for with the availability of a bigger pump option – 223 l/min.

The MT900E retains the highly valued Load Independent Flow Division hydraulics system, in which if all six valves are in use and the flow demand exceeds the pumps capacity, the flow to each is lowered by a percentage in order to maintain operations.

The new system allows the operator to select a hydraulic function that may be more crucial than the others in maintaining the full flow demand of that function, while flow to the remaining functions is reduced. Challenger has anticipated the continuation of the trend towards larger and larger implements with greater hydraulic demand by offering a bigger pump option – 223 l/min if required.

Challenger MT900E Series articulated-steer tractors are now equipped with a 10-tonne capacity rear three-point linkage with CAT IV ball ends. In addition, there is the further option of a 1000 rpm PTO.