CH500C Series


The 500C combine harvester offers new levels of capacity and efficiency to give optimum outputs in any crop, any conditions. Operator comfort and ease of use is at a premium, with the latest cab and controls.

CH500C Series

CH520C 313/234 10,570 1.45m²
CH540C 426/318 12,334 2.2m²
CH560C 502/374 12,334 2.2m²



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CH540 - 560 4.95Mb  |

CH520 0.64Mb  |

CH500C Series Features /

  • Latest generation AGCO Power High torque engine
  • V-Cool™ System that runs at optimum efficiency using less power
  • Simple drives for efficient transmission of power
  • Increased cab comfort
  • Complete IsoBUS interface controls all functions via C2100 terminal
  • New processor boosts throughput while enhancing grain quality
  • The fastest unloading rate in the industry
  • New straw chopper for a very fine cut
  • Advanced technology to stay in control of the harvest

At the core of the Challenger 600 range of combines is the huge, heavy-duty Advanced Harvest System (AHS), at 700mm diameter on the CH660B and CH670B and 800mm diameter on the CH680B, combined with an overall length of 3.55m on all models.

Hydrostatically driven, the rotor enables a significant boost in operational efficiency to be achieved through its ability to harvest at a constant rotor speed, which means any output and top grain quality are maintained.

The constant speed rotor control system maintains the selected rotor speed even though the crop yield may vary or engine speed change. The rotor can be reversed remotely from the cab to remove any blockage that may occur.

The smooth, flexible three-speed rotor drive gearbox provides selection of the optimum speed range to match the rotor speed and drive torque to the crop harvest conditions. The CH660B and CH670B are equipped with a two speed rotor drive gearbox.

A new flat screen cooling system air intake with rotating vacuum arm removes dust and debris to ensure correct operating temperatures are maintained even in the harshest conditions.

The self-cleaning V-Cool system is designed to keep itself clear of chaff and debris - the engine radiator and intercooler along with two hydraulic coolers are arranged in a unique V-shape, so airflow makes a single pass through each element. This prevents chaff becoming caught and keeps the cooling system running at optimum efficiency using less power.

The hydraulically-driven cooling fan automatically adjusts its speed to maintain optimum engine and hydraulic temperatures. This reduces the power required for the fan, additionally, the hydraulic drive automatically reverses the fan every 15 minutes to clean the intake screen.

The engine is positioned in line with the rotor to deliver the maximum horsepower using only two belts. Variable speed rotor drive featuring a hydraulic speed variator controlled from the C2100 terminal gives full control of rotor speeds within two ranges.

Secondary drives such as the header, feeder, cleaning fan, elevators drive, and the straw chopper drive are all directed though the distribution gearbox.

Two-speed hydrostatic propulsion drive offers on-the-go shifting between high and low and combines with the constant mesh four-speed transmission for effortless control of forward speed in the field or in transport.

Increased and smoother crop flow from a larger feeder and header drive that delivers up to 55% more horsepower.

Hydrostatic drive to the rotor, along with an electronic control of pump oil flow, maintains the selected rotor speed regardless of changes in the engine rpm or field conditions.

The new processor design is a complete threshing and separating system working to increase capacity, yet reduce power consumption, improving fuel efficiency.

For optimum throughput, the rotor receives material at nearly 360 degrees due to the new segmented feed drum design and multi-zone rotor inlet, reducing the bottleneck found on other designs.

Crop flow is controlled more efficiently by its segmented element axial rotor which features four overlapping helical rows of segmented replaceable threshing elements, plus two additional and interchangeable rows of both narrow and wide separation paddles.

The threshing system features 12 concave sections, providing a threshing area of up to 2.2 m2 for enhanced grain separation.

The new “H” frame design of the concave support has a unique suspension system to pass “slugs” of material or reduce the damage from foreign objects.

As crop material falls from the grain pan, it gently cascades to the top sieve via a perforated cascade pan allowing pre-cleaning of the material before reaching the main sieves thus increasing cleaning system capacity.

A dual-outlet fan takes advantage of the 3.5 m (140in) rotor by using full-length cleaning below it. This reduces the amount of material other than grain (MOG) landing on the chaffer for more capacity and less sensitivity to field slopes. The clean grain cross auger now delivers up to 60% more grain flow to match the capacity of the new processor.
More air than ever before is delivered in multiple zones to the adjustable pre-cleaner, chaffer and sieve from front to back by the 330mm Max Flow™ fan.

A large capacity cross auger transports clean grain to the grain tank where an exclusive two-auger unloading system, comprising of a 300mm cross auger feeding a 375mm high capacity unloading auger, unloads the grain bin in just 75 seconds.

More reach when using larger headers, including the 12.1m DynaFlexTM header is afforded by a new 7.31m unloading auger option.

There is choice of dual straw spreaders or the new maximum air velocity (MAV) straw chopper to deliver a very fine cut.

The chopper allows full width spread using a unique air blade design. Simple adjustments for tailboard and stationary knives allow the output to be fine-tuned, while a diverter door adds the capability for chopping the chaff from the cleaning shoe area.

Creating a windrow is achieved by simply rolling the chopper rearward and using the optional windrow attachment.

One of the largest cabs in the industry with 3.44m2 of interior space and a total of 5.7m2 of tinted glass provides uncompromising comfort and convenience for greater productivity.

The C2100 Virtual Terminal is easily adjusted to the preferred height and angle using a new sliding mount. The right hand console keeps multiple functions at the driver’s fingertips and the pivoting multi-function joystick control is comfortable throughout the full range of travel.

A deluxe seat option with leather bolsters features heat and cooling for a touch of luxury while. Standard cloth and deluxe seats feature high-back design, air suspension and multiple adjustments.

After dark, increased visibility is offered by the optional NightBreaker™light package. Four HID (high-intensity discharge) lights in the cab roof replace the standard halogen bulbs and there are two additional super-bright LED (light-emitting diode) extremity lights below the cab.

The FIELDSTAR® II yield monitoring system takes care of harvest and combine functions, stores field data and can upload information to a PC via a USB stick.

Critical gauges like tachometer, engine oil pressure, fuel level, coolant temperature and grain loss monitor can be viewed in analogue or digital formats via the C2100 Virtual Terminal. Standard crop settings are provided, while the operator can create and store his own settings for unique crop conditions.

The Challenger 540C and 560C are supplied AUTOGUIDE-ready allowing easy installation of auto-steering technology to maintain accuracy day or night.

AGCOMMAND is a telemetry system designed to track a single or multiple combines for improved management of the fleet’s performance, productivity and maintenance. AGCOMMAND Advanced offers the ability to view up to 25 functions including yield data, machine settings and grain loss, identifying potential problems before they affect productivity.

The DynaFlex flexible cutterbar draper header combines the flexibility of an auger-style flex header with the gentle material handling of a draper header.

Connection is conveniently direct to the 500C Series combines with no adapter needed.

Using the 500C Series standard SmartracTM lateral tilt system, the header uses six cutterbar sensors to follow contours on rolling terrain. Precise adjustment of the cutting angle is offered by12deg of range from the cab-controlled fore-aft pitch control.

Independent hydraulic tilt arms located every 76.2cm (30in) across the header width for precise adjustment of cutterbar float.

Shaft-driven SCH (Schumacher) epicyclical sickle drives provide up to 400% more torque than conventional drives for the toughest conditions.

There are four sizes to meet all harvesting needs - 7.6, 9.1, 10.7 and 12.2m (25, 30, 3’ and 40ft).