RoGator 700


The RG700 combines Challenger professional-grade quality and dependability with the flexibility to meet spraying requirements which dictate a smaller tank size. It offers the latest technology plus a superb operator environment.

RoGator 700

RG 700 173 /127 kW 707 Nm 60/80-ft. and 60/90-ft.



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RG 700 9.37Mb  |

RoGator 700 Features /


Lightweight design for year-round spraying flexibility

Powerful, high-torque AGCO POWERTM LRC 173hp engine

Smart Drive System intelligent all-wheel drive with traction control as standard

Efficient filling design with new sight glass for easy fill level monitoring

Choice of 24 or 27 metre booms with Norac boom height control

Leading technology systems with AGCONTROL information centre and AGCOMMANDTM telemetry

The RG700’s 173hp AGCO POWERTM  LRC engine gives six-cylinder performance in a four-cylinder package, and produces more torque for consistent power to pull through hills, rough terrain and wet ground.

The single hydrostat 110cc drive system provides infinite speed ranges, with no gear shifting. The operator can maintain spray output precisely, regardless of field conditions. A top speed of up to 48kph cuts travel times.

The Smart Drive System keeps the RG700 moving forward - speed sensors at each wheel motor ensure that all four wheels are always turning at the same speed, eliminating wheel spinning when entering the field and on soft, wet ground.

Automatic traction control is standard to allow the RG700 to work in wet conditions and on hilly terrain. Crop damage is minimised, spraying is consistently accurate and workrates are improved.

The Smart Hydraulic System keeps drive pressure low, which for a cooler system, reduced engine load and longer engine life. Hydraulic flow is meticulously controlled based on speed and terrain, and oil temperature is carefully controlled to avoid overheating.

The parallel C-Channel Flex frame keeps all four wheels on the ground and driving, even on rough, uneven surfaces. Pioneered by Challenger in 1993, it is so stable that wheels can flex as much as 35cm (14in) and still maintain four points of solid contact with the ground. The result is a smoother, safer ride and consistent application of product to the ground through improved boom control.

The standard 2.26m (90in) axle gives crop clearance of up to 1.36m (54in) for reduced crop damage and the ability to spray taller, more mature crops, extending the spraying season.

A long, 3.8m wheel base and 50/50 weight distribution means that the RG700 travels smoothly over uneven terrain, with reduced soil compaction, less wear and tear on the booms and an improved ride for the operator.

The state-of-the-art Air Spring Suspension System with rear sway control gives a smoother ride which is more comfortable for the operator, along with consistent boom height position for more accurate spraying across the field. It also offers a constantly adjusting ride as the tank empties and the load diminishes.

Spring suspension keeps booms level, minimises wear and tear and gives straight, true steering as the improved shock absorption and lower vibration means the machine stays in the row, further minimising crop damage. Less wear and tear also means less maintenance, longer life and better resale value.

Two axle configurations (narrow and standard) allow a wide range of track widths to operate quickly and easily through a wide variety of crops, crop heights and field conditions. 

All RoGator models feature the industry’s only cabs designed specifically for application, built with operator comfort and safety in mind.

Visibility is enhanced by the RG700’s six-post cab design that provides a wide, panoramic front windshield and curved windows in the corners for unmatched visibility. Folded booms rest below the sightlines for better road visibility.

Safety is improved with wider platforms and a lower first step onto the walkway for easier, more convenient access. The RG700 comes with three cabin air filters – chemicals are virtually eliminated from the cab for a safer, more comfortable operating environment.

Sound-dampening materials offer a quieter ride while an ergonomic armrest and joystick configuration that controls all functions from boom raise and lower to the master on/off and shuttle shifting means that all operations are easily to hand.

The RoGator Management Center (RMC) allows fingertip control over operational functions including engine and drive status, liquid system operation, foam marker, boom height control and time-delay lighting.

A 2650 litre tank means more time spraying, less time refilling and comes with a rounded bottom for ultra-consistent mixing.

The RG700 uses a direct path from the fill area to the pump and the pump to the tank. This means more efficient product flow, reduced product build-up and much cleaner transitions between products. 

With both an external sight gauge for reloading and an in-cab tank-level sensor, fill levels can be quickly and easily monitored. A proven Hypro 9303 centrifugal pump works with the liquid system which is designed to achieve maximum output flow and industry leading tip-to-tip application accuracy.

The filling station is designed for a quick, simple and safe filling process.

There is a choice of 24 or 27 metre boom widths, equipped with 50 cm nozzle spacing. Norac Boom Height control can be specified for perfect field contour following and reliable, accurate spraying even on undulating ground.

Boom and tip breakaway are both standard on the RG700. The full boom swings back and up to clear an obstruction, providing complete boom protection. In ad-dition, a sophisticated shock absorber system not only controls the rebound but also absorbs inertia in everyday usage, significantly increasing boom and tip longevity.

One-inch square tubing on the tips is strong and lightweight while lightweight cross-member rods further ensure structural integrity. Triplet nozzle holders are standard for efficient nozzle changing.

The RG700 is fitted with the latest technology systems to maximise productivity and profitability.

The AGCONTROL information centre controls and monitors applications with the ability to create job reports. Section control and auto-guidance can also be run through this console for better product control, with only one console in the cab. A 7.5-inch colour LCD display is easy to read and can be brightness-adjusted for day and night conditions. The Optional C3000 Advanced touchscreen can be ordered for flow, section and guidance control.

The standard-equipment AGCOMMAND telemetry system helps increase productivity by optimising machine and operator performance. The AGCOMMAND system uses automatic data recording and transfer technology, ensuring that data is transferred from the machine to a secure storage server every 10 seconds. Information on location, area covered, fuel levels etc can be easily accessed from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone app.