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Sprayer’s reputation continues to grow

19/07/2012 Sprayer’s reputation continues to grow

Challenger’s ground-breaking RoGator 600B sprayer is being promoted at events all over Europe.

“Interest in our new sprayer is really gaining momentum and its reputation for top performance is growing rapidly,” says Hubertus von Dungern Challenger Product Marketing Manager – Applications.

At the DLG Field days in Germany and Cereals in the UK, the RoGator 600B demonstrated its outstanding ride and handling over specially designed bump tracks. It was clear that the RoGator showed superior spray boom levelling and extremely stable handling. For the 25,000-strong crowd at Cereals, an RG 600B gave a master class in spray boom stability operating in a wheat field.

“UK farmers were impressed with the 'Silent Giant' from Holland as it has been nicknamed due to its quiet operation,” adds Hubertus.

“It is vital to utilise resources – such as pesticides and chemicals – correctly,” he says. “For example, a typical RoGator sprayer customer will consume from EUR:200,000 up to more than EUR:1 million in crop protection chemicals per season and so every saving counts. This is a key part of our Challenger brand platform ‘Your Soil, Our Territory’ which sums up how our products make a real difference.”