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European tests show RG 600 is tops for safety and accuracy

12/12/2011 European tests show RG 600 is tops for safety and accuracy

A year after it was launched, the trailblazing Challenger RoGator 600 sprayer is continuing to set industry benchmarks. Two important new European approvals are the machine’s latest achievements.

The RG 600 is the first sprayer to gain CE Category 4 approval on cab climate, while it also received high scores from ENTAM (European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines) for performance and safety.

The Category 4 approval raises the bar for agricultural cabs, demonstrating the highest standards of air quality. The four categories tested under CE directives are prioritised by risk. For spraying, Category 4 is advised but until now, no other standard agricultural cab has met this requirement. This  gives Challenger RG 600 customers the maximum possible choice on safety. A combination of a pressurised cab and special active carbon filters give the RG 600 its edge.

In ENTAM tests, the RG 600 was shown to comply with and even exceed the CE directives on safety of agricultural machines. As for performance, the tests revealed that the RoGator’s spraying system is one of the most accurate on the market. The full test-report can be downloaded from the website:

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