RoGator 600D

The Ultimate Sprayer

Challenger RoGator 600 sprayers have
earned a hardwon reputation for covering
ground quickly, accurately, safely and reliably,
becoming the default choice of large farms and
contractors across Europe.

RoGator 600D

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Model Max. Power* (hp/Kw) Ground Clearance (cm) Tank Size (l)
RG635D 175 / 129 75 / 120 4000 / 5000
*@ 1950 rpm | Check with your local dealer for availability in your market



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RoGator 600D Features /


In the field, with the booms unfolded, the RoGator has an optimum weight distribution of 50% front/50% rear, while the low centre of gravity provides for increased boom stability, and faster working speeds, even on slopes.

The new frame design provides for a steering angle of 35 degrees on all four wheels, allowing the machine to turn in incredibly tight corners and headlands.

With four-wheel steer engaged, the outer turning radius is just 4.73m, while the inner wheel turning radius measures a mere 3.14m. Even on the tightest turns, the rear wheels exactly follow the front for less crop damage.

The machine can be steered in four-wheel or two-wheel modes, both are selected using conveniently–located buttons in the armrest.

The low engine positioning helps to make the RoGator cab one of the quietest on the market, and with less operator fatigue, long working days are not a problem. Operator comfort is further improved with plenty of leg room, ergonomic positioning of all controls, and superb visibility through a massive glass area.

Unlike many other self-propelled sprayers, operator visibility on the road is not hampered by folded spray booms. All spray equipment on the RoGator 600D folds neatly above the cab for safer road travel.

The RoGator 600Dis the first and leading self-propelled sprayer to be fitted with a fully Cat IV approved cab. Using a triple stage carbon filter, internal and external air pressure is constantly monitored for a healthy, chemical- and dust-free work space.

In-cab air quality is monitored and displayed on a pressure sensor located on Dash-board.

Alongside the RMC is the Sprayer Controller Display terminal, which allows the operator to monitor vital sprayer working information. This also controls guidance, (AutoGuide-ready), to avoid under- and overlaps, achieve and maintain accuracy and consistent coverage with automatic section control.

The versatile Opti-Ride TM double wishbone suspension allows the operator to quickly set the machine height at either 75 or 120cm – from the cab – to allow for differing crop types and height.

The hydro-pneumatically controlled wheel suspension acts to eliminate all but the most severe lateral and vertical vehicle movements before they reach the boom, while hydro-pneumatic damping provides for automatic suspension adaption to block the outer two cylinders when making high-speed turns.

Automatic Constant Levelling ensures the machine height remains constant, a valuable attribute when working on hilly terrain.

An automatic levelling system ensures a level surface when refilling the spray tank.

Pushbutton operated, regardless of the incline, the suspension system ensures a perfectly level spray tank.

The maintenance-free Opti-TrackTM system allows the operator to vary track width from 1.8 m up to 2.25 m at a push of a button. This facilitates a quick, stepless transition between multiple row crops and between customers’ farms with differing tramline widths.

The aluminium spray booms on the new RoGator 600C Series have been designed to provide users with a range of really practical features that will improve the quality of work, reduce costs and increase the range of applications.

These include large 25 mm spraylines with boom feeding on 8 points, recirculation functionality and cab-controlled pneumatic nozzle bodies. Additional options include automatic Opti-SonicTM boom height control and GPS boom section control, allowing nozzle shut-off to further improve.

The RoGator is also equipped with a traction control system through individually-driven variable wheel motors.

Sensitive, but powerful wet disc brakes perform superbly in combination with the intelligent, dynamic brake management system. This optimises the relationship between mechanical and hydrostatic stopping power on the brake pedal to prevent engine rpm overload.

In addition to the feature of active wheel-slip regulation, Power Management ensures that the optimum engine rpm is matched precisely to the desired travelling speed. This means that maximum traction is maintained across the full speed range and on each individual wheel.

The machine can be driven in several modes - using the foot pedal, lever control or by means of two cruise control settings. In cruise control mode, the operator can select either two field speeds or two road speeds. All four speeds are changed on-the-move at the push of a button.

The RoGator 635D uses a 4-cylinder engine which generates 175 hp max, while the 645D and 655Dhave larger, 6-cylinder units that deliver 224 hp and 242 hp max respectively. In each case, the engine is mid-mounted on the right hand side of the machine for optimum weight distribution, giving a lower centre of gravity and easy access for maintenance.

With four valves per cylinder, a turbodiesel intercooler and Bosch common rail diesel injection, all the engines comply with Stage IV (Tier 4). Additional benefits include the intelligent engine management system and full Can-bus engine control.

The fuel consumption figures are further improved by the automatic RPM control system, which ensures a variable engine speed both on-the-road and in-the-field. In addition to fuel savings, running the engine at a lower speed also helps to reduce in-cab noise levels.

The cooling package and air filter are also easy to access for maintenance from a platform behind the cab, while the high positioning results in less dust accumulation. The speed of the cooling fan also adjusts automatically, further helping to reducing fuel consumption and noise levels.

The spray mix moves around the system through the large, consistentdiameter pipework - a uniform 3” / 2” supply lines. The number of hose connections on the pipe circuit has been kept to an absolute minimum.

The self-priming centrifugal pump has a filling capacity of close to 800 litres/minute, which is driven by dedicated load-sensing hydraulics. The spraying system is flow-controlled and is considerably more accurate than conventional pressure controlled systems. Users will value the wide range of application crates the new RoGator can provide, with just a single, maintenance-free pump.

The electronically-controlled filling station is easily accessed and is operated using touch-pad indicator buttons and a very clear display screen. Automatic filling modes can be monitored on the electronic volume indicator, which can be viewed both in the cab and at the filling station.

The RoGator 600D is available with the very latest technology options, including an in-house developed application control system and the Yara N-Sensor.
New TaskDoc Pro documentation provides wireless data-exchange between the your sprayer and the farm office, eliminating the need for manual transfer via memory sticks.  TaskDoc Variable Rate Control (VRC) is a map based product application system that provides for electric nozzle shut-off per 1m section of boom, according to the sprayed area.

All RoGator 600D machines come telemetry-ready, allowing access to AGCO’s “Fuse Connected Services”, and meaning that machine status can be monitored completely remotely.