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Challenger Terra-Gator 2244 NMS machines offer durability, exceptional strength and straight forward technology for efficient and effective output. The low vehicle weight of a Terra-Gator and the high flotation wheels give very low ground pressure and minimise crop damage.

Model Power
TG2244 300 hp

Engine & Transmission

The Terra-Gator 2244 is equipped with an 8.4 litre turbo-charged Sisu diesel engine which delivers 300 hp, with a peak of up to 330 hp
Terra-Shift transmission with Select-Shift offers 11 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

Operator Environment

Operator Environment

The Terra-Gator 2244 is fitted with a panoramic, silent, fully air-suspended cab for excellent operator comfort. Offering a unobstructed view forward, to the sides and backwards, facing the injector or the suctionarm.
They are air conditioned, pressurised and fitted with a three-level filtering system to seal out dust, chemicals and other contaminants.

Falcon VT Terminal

Falcon VT Terminal

All information and commands of the NMS system, from application rates to data logging, are shown on one 25 cm touch-screen controller. Falcon VT works in conjunction with the joystick and is connected to the vehicle’s systems via a CAN-BUS network. The main application window is built up with digital- analog meters and icons, for fast and easy intuitive operation The console has an SD data card slot for transferring data to and from the farm office computer.

Liquid Manure

Liquid Manure

The Terra-Gator 2244 is available with a Liquid NMS manure system with tanks from 15 cubic-metres. The Liquid NMS system is fitted with a 6000 litre/min or 9000 litre/min positive displacement pump for the spreading or injecting of liquid manure for different applications. The large capacity, honeycomb shaped manure cutter with automatic self-cleaning knife function and hydraulic sump valve, filters contaminants out of the manure before they can cause obstruction or wear in the system. The plumbing is designed for fast and accurate response to changes in application speed.


The Liquid NMS system provides an extra-strong, three-point hitch with standardised Category III three-point and Category IV ball joints for using all mounted injectors. There is now an of a optional traingular quick coupler frame, following the 'accord' principle for fast and easy changing between injectors. The hitch can be used for pushing, floating and constant lifting hitch and has dampening accumulator function for driving with lifted implements. The hydraulic connectors are fitted with quick couplers of different sizes, for fast and simple changing between injectors. A hydraulic quick coupler is also available for even faster and cleaner exchanging of implements.

Dry NMS spreaders

Specifically designed for the Terra-Gator, NMS dry spreaders spread solid, organic fertiliser, sludge, lime and compost. The steel dry NMS box has an inside width of 2.56 m, can spread from 1.5 to 100 ton/ha and is mounted on the chassis.
Large diameter spreading discs (1.2 m) with Hardox vanes and a single or double acting beater ensure maximum output. Spreading width can reach 18 m depending on the product being used.


  • Tyre Inflation System allows tyre pressure to be matched to surface conditions whilst driving. Used correctly, this can help to minimise tyre wear, prevent soil damage, save fuel and increase the number of workable days.
  • The Terra-Gator Dogwalk system ensures that all wheels run over the ground in individual tracks, which spreads weight more evenly and protects the soil. Implements are always pulled in a straight line, without the need for a steering rear linkage.
  • The Liquid NMS system can be fitted with a horizontal container arm, a centrifugal loading arm or a vertical suction arm to load manure quickly and efficiently.
  • Using the unique SuperLoad option, filling times can be reduced to increase overall workrates by up to 20%. SuperLoad gets to work straight away, employing a separate positive displacement pump to charge the system in less than 10 seconds. Once charged, it starts to fill immediately.
  • The Terra-Gator can be equipped with Auto-Guide™, a fully automatic steering system, to help improve output and precision, save fuel and reduce operator fatigue. The system is neatly integrated into the Falcon VT terminal via the vehicle's CAN-Bus system.
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