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New Challenger MT700D Series Tracked Tractors

11/10/2012 New Challenger MT700D Series Tracked Tractors

Two new models make up the brand new Challenger MT700D Series, designed to  further cut operating costs for progressive farmers and contactors by combining the most advanced, economical engines, with the industry-leading Mobil-Trac™ system’s benefits of outstanding traction and low compaction.

The MT700D Series is powered by the very latest, AGCO SISU POWER™ engines, which are designed and built specifically for agricultural applications.

Challenger MT700D features:

  • New six cylinder, 8.4 litre AGCO SISU POWER™ engines, developed specifically for agricultural applications with four valves/cylinder and common rail injection.
  • Exclusive Mobil-Trac™ system transmits unrivalled levels of drawbar power with minimal slip. Wide, long tracks create superb traction, which results in more work done in less time while protecting the soil
  • New extremely durable ‘poly mid-wheels’, featuring bigger bearings, high capacity lubrication and sight gauges further extend working life
  • Strong new belt designs increase track life and durability. Debris deflectors also prolong track life.

Purpose built power
Designed specifically for agricultural applications, the new AGCO SISU POWER™ six cylinder engines deliver compliance without compromise. Equipped with the latest technology, the 8.4 litre capacity engines employ four valves/cylinder and common rail injection.

Starting with a ‘clean sheet’ design, AGCO SISU POWER™ developed the engines with high power densities to meet the toughest challenges, with torque delivery matched precisely to the fluctuating loads of the most demanding equipment. On top of its unbeatable fuel economy, the engine is also light in weight and quiet in operation.

The Mobil-Trac™ benefit
Challenger is still the first and only tractor designed specifically for use on rubber tracks and the new MT700D Series continue to offer the unique Mobil-Trac™ system’s benefits of unrivalled traction with low compaction.

All new MT700D Series tractors are fitted with highly durable ‘poly mid-wheels’ as standard. Well-proven in extreme conditions, the wheels have a hard-wearing polyurethane working surface.

These extend working life in harsh environments by offering high resistance to chipping and damage. The mid-wheels now also have new bearings that increase durability and are fitted with larger bearing cups that hold more lubrication oil. New, clear sight gauges offer a simple and easy way to check levels.

Robust debris deflectors prolong track life by guiding soil and stones away from the undercarriage and ensure the belts are kept clean in work.

All MT700D Series models are also fitted with new Challenger tracks. Depending on width required, these are available in General Ag specifications, which feature an extra inside rubber layer; as well as Extreme Agricultural and Extreme Application versions, which have two extra inside layers. General Agricultural and Extreme Application tracks also now use a larger diameter main cable.

The exclusive Mobil-Trac™ technology is the product of 25 years’ experience of leading track design, which provides huge benefits by spreading the load over a large footprint. This provides ultimate traction that increases productivity by pulling wider implements, faster allowing operators to make best use of fuel and establish crops in optimum conditions.

At the same time the Mobil-Trac™ system spreads the load over a large contact area, which reduces ground pressure and cuts the risk of compaction. This protects the soil structure and helps improve crop root development and ultimately increases yield.

Refinements increase durability
Challenger is also introducing other refinements on the MT700D Series to further boost performance and durability. Operators will also appreciate a slight change to the transmission, which involves recalibrating the hydraulic valves that change the gears and this improves comfort and control while shifting.

Up in the cab there’s a new power strip that provides more connections for implement terminals, telephone chargers and other devices that need electric power. There’s also an adjustable, intermittent wiper position plus the option of a factory-installed radio. A new ignition key also locks and unlocks the door on the Challenger MT700D Series, as well as other AGCO products.

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