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Challenger - On the Right Track

06/01/2011 Challenger - On the Right Track

As preserving water and improving soil becomes increasingly vital, Challenger is supporting the Soil and Water Management Centre in the UK.

Extensive trials have been conducted throughout Australia over the past 18 months with excellent results. “We put the new tracks through their paces just to ensure they will take the rigours of our local conditions and they have come up trumps,” says Mark Edwards, AGCO Parts Marketing Manager. “Customers who purchase track tractor machines primarily do so, on the bases of maximizing the tractors horsepower to the ground and minimising ground pressure. Our trials showed that the Bridgestone tracks deliver this high performance,” adds Mark.

Manufactured in Japan to the highest quality standards at the Bridgestone Engineering plants, Bridgestone’s advanced rubber compounds developed through extensive agricultural research is formulated to meet the loads of high drawbar tractor applications.

The Bridgestone tracks have some unique features such as the one-piece molded carcass. This means the tread, roller path and guide lugs are all made from the one piece of rubber, unlike other rubber tracks which use bonded tread and lugs. The benefits are longer life and smoother ride qualities.

Another unique feature is the tread edge chamfers, which produces a better turning performance with very low ground pressure and far less soil disturbance and field damage. The wide tread bar also allows for better weight distribution and prolonged tread life.

The Bridgestone tracks are available exclusively from your local AGCO dealer with current stocks of 24” & 30” belts to suit Challenger 69 - 95 models. Specialty row-crop applications are also catered for with the introduction of Bridgestone’s 18” tracks available in May 2010.
The competitive cost of the new Bridgestone tracks makes the rejuvenation of older machines are more appealing proposition. Challenger track machines are renowned for providing many years of hard work, and now with the introduction of Bridgestone’s tracks, their longevity may be further extended yet.

Backed by a joint AGCO – Bridgestone Engineering factory backed warranty.

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